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The Future of Enterprise Mobility Webinar

The Future of Enterprise Mobility Webinar

“Moving platforms is hard and it can be scary, but embrace it. It’s really your opportunity to drive your business to the next level,” said Sam Gonzales at Ivanti. Do you have questions about leveraging the power of Android? 

A recording of our virtual panel with Zebra Technologies, Ivanti Wavelink, SOTI, and Barcoding with SupplyChainBrain Magazine. We had a fantastic discussion on creating a smarter warehouse ecosystem, along with trends and innovations to watch out for.

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How Migrating to Android Helps You Retain Employees

Chip Yager, VP of Corporate Strategy at Zebra, in conversation with Matt Cunningham, Barcoding's VP of Sales, highlights a benefit from Android that is often overlooked: the fact that employees are more comfortable using the devices and, therefore, more likely to stay.

SCGDSummit-Abt Electronics Inc

How Android Has Been a Game-Changer for ABT Electronics

Dave Iffland of Abt Electronics shares with Matt Cunninghan, Barcoding's VP of Sales, shares how Android devices' mobile and agile nature has helped drivers fulfill their customers' increased desire for at-home deliveries.



How Datalogic Is Moving Forward with Android

In her discussion with Ken Currie, Barcoding's VP of Business Development, Datalogic's Diana Melick, highlighted how they have fully embraced integrating their solutions and devices with Android and the GMS platform as they believe it is the way forward.

“It takes geeks to make it happen. It is the people who want to solve problems. Geeks use their skills to make a difference. It’s all about loving the problem.”
– Kathy Fulton, Executive Director, ALAN