Welcome to the Barcoding Brand Guide!

If you’re a Barcoding employee, partner or a media professional, you’re in the right place. This Brand Guide is designed to give every person who represents our brand to share a consistent and unified voice. Use this website as your resource for anything Barcoding Brand.

Barcoding Brand Guide FAQ

In these series of questions and answers, you will find answers to anything Barcoding brand related.

Have questions?
Email Krystal Carpintieri, krystal.carpintieri@barcoding.com 

Why the new logo?

Our new brand is so much more than a new logo. We’ve created an identity system designed to help everyone who experiences our brand to understand our values and offerings. This system is made up of small blocks, each one representing individual people, processes, and technologies that make up the lifeblood of Barcoding. Our new logo is a culmination of these individual bits, interchangeable and flexible as we change and evolve—while holding strong our original name as a representation of our founding capability and current core offering.

Is Barcoding still Incorporated?

You bet! And it’s still part of our name, just no longer a part of our logo. So, there is no need to change the wording of 'Barcoding, Inc.' in any of your documents and materials.

What else is different?

We have exciting new products that we are rolling out beginning January 2019. Keep an eye on our blog, or subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about new releases! Don’t worry - our core specialties including barcodes, consumables, and RFID are here to stay, and stronger than ever.

What if I need a different version of the logo, for example, a vertical version?
Email the Barcoding Design Team!
Can I modify the logo, for instance, use it in another color?

No. Our brand colors are deliberately chosen as part of our identity system and should not be substituted. Please view the logo files above for a full set of logos in every approved color, including black and white!

Where can I get new Barcoding swag?

You can contact your sales rep or Barcoding point of contact directly and they will get you everything you need!

Where do I get Barcoding Imagery?
You can get professional photos, event photos, headshots, and more on our Flickr page. You will see that there is a new album titled 'Barcoding Brand 2019,' here you will find photos used across the new branding.