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start of the day 7:30-8:00 AM

Registration Opens

8:00-8:30 AM

Breakfast and Solutions Showcase

8:30-9:00 AM

Welcome: 20 Years of Barcoding: Shane Snyder

9:00-10:00 AM

Keynote: Amita Shukla

Mastering an Agile Mindset to Build Sustainable Growth
Sponsor: IMPINJ (Todd Farley, VP of Sales to introduce Amita)

In a rapidly changing world, one of the most critical factors for success is the mindset we bring to surviving disruption, driving innovation, and leading change—as individuals, teams, and organizations. Join us for a dynamic, interactive, and thought-provoking opening keynote to learn how you can attain an agile mindset to build sustainable growth, transform organizational culture, adapt through challenges, and foster continuous innovation. Walk away with a simple framework and practical tools that will give you an enduring edge, not just in how you think, but also in how you build organizations, transform industries, and create the future.


10:15 AM-12:00 PM

Breakout Sessions

Barcoding's commitment to our customers is that we provide them with the ability to be more efficient, accurate, and connected. This year we will host two content tracks to help you do just that, Track I: Future Proofing your Supply Chain, and Track II: Technology+Supply Chain: Filling the Gaps.



Track I: An Innovation Interview
Speaker: Eric Bunts, CIO, Mirabito
Jody Costa, VP of Marketing, Barcoding, Inc.
Sponsor: Eclipse

This lively discussion is sure to give you ideas on how to on drive innovation in your own business (including ways innovation has succeeded, where the gaps are, and how to build consensus to drive ideas forward).

Track II: Android and Cloud Migration Panel Discussion
Chris Rossi, Principal, SC&H Group
Martin Jack, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Barcoding, Inc
Bruce Stubbs, Director, Supply Chain Marketing, Honeywell
Sponsor: Honeywell 

Featuring key experts in cloud, mobile technology, and project management, our panel will set you up for success in a changing world. Explore the benefits, challenges and results of navigating a migration to Android and the cloud. 



Track I: The Supply Chain of the Future: Using Digital Technologies to Create an Intelligent Edge 
Speaker: Drew Ehlers, Zebra Technologies 
Sponsor: Zebra Technologies

With the on-demand economy and the dramatic rise in e-commerce, the way we do business has changed. Companies have adopted more and more digital technologies to improve their supply chain in order to meet consumer demand. But, is it enough to keep up? Learn about the absolute latest in digital technology for the supply chain and see how you can create an intelligent edge. 

Track II: Transforming Mobile Operations with Samsung and Barcoding, Inc.
Speakers: Ken Currie, Barcoding, Inc., John Gibson, Samsung
Sponsor: Samsung

In this session, John Gibson, Head of Business Development - Manufacturing Vertical, Samsung Electronics North America, will discuss how to drive productivity and security in the Android ecosystem with a focus on practical applications both inside and outside the four walls. Together with Ken Currie, Vice President of Business Development with Barcoding, Inc., this session will cover trends in transportation and manufacturing and how customers are leveraging mobile technology and outsourced mobility services to succeed.


mid day 12:00-1:30 PM

Lunch, Solutions Showcase & Innovator of the Year Award

1:30-4:30 PM

Breakout Sessions

Barcoding's commitment to our customers is that we provide them with the ability to be more efficient, accurate, and connected. This year we will host two content tracks to help you do just that, Track I: Future Proofing your Supply Chain, and Track II: Technology+Supply Chain: Filling the Gaps.


Track I: The Future of Inventory Accuracy in the Retail Supply Chain
Speaker: Jason Hixenbaugh, SHOS 

How do you improve inventory accuracy? Using the retail market as our case study, we'll take a deep dive into how technology like RFID and RTLS can improve store-level inventory accuracy. 

Track II: Continuous Improvement Workshop
Speaker: Peter Zalinski, Barcoding, Inc.
Sponsor: Panasonic

Continuous Improvement processes are (or should be) applied Science – using the principles of Science to examine a problem, document it properly, experiment with solutions, and then utilizing the results to do GREAT THINGS (like setting new standards).
In this 45-minute workshop, we will discuss the nature and challenges of Continuous Improvement and use one or more continuous improvement processes to solve actual problems. And I’ll tell you how a Process can become a Practice by embedding it into your Culture.
I’m delivering a little bit of Kipling, a little bit of Deming and a large helping of Toyota.



Track I: Unlocking Value in Manufacturing/Logistics Processes with Intelligent RFID
Speaker: Bob Proctor, CEO, Link Labs
Sponsor: Link Labs

Manufacturing and Logistics companies run on tight timelines and are always under pressure to improve the bottom line. Improved visibility into the location of parts, supplies, shipments, and products can be achieved at a fraction of existing offerings by using new technologies. AirFinder, Link Labs’ indoor/outdoor asset tracking, and monitoring solution, is one way to achieve this. Beyond delivering location, AirFinder is used by customers to provide alerts, feed analytics, and give continuous monitoring data.

The session will highlight several AirFinder use cases unlocking value and hard dollar ROI in manufacturing and logistics. This will include discussion of collaboration between Link Labs and Barcoding at a 350,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, where AirFinder is tracking the location of specialty racks for supplies/parts, reducing staff-hours per day spent locating them.

Track II: How to Deploy a Strategic Enterprise Labeling Program
Speaker: Dave Reba, Barcoding, Inc.

Enterprise labeling strategy for today. Enterprise labeling strategy for future. What you can do now. 

Break: 3-3:15pm


Track I: The Future of Parts Inventory Management: A Study in MRO Efficiency 
Speaker: Stan Marshall, Georgia Pacific

MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) stores are ripe for improvements in efficiency and accuracy in parts issuance and location. Join Stan Marshall from Georgia Pacific to review real-world examples of how technology like RFID can add value to your organization.

Track II: Tracking Items in an Enterprise World
Speaker: Greg Henry, Barcoding, Inc.
Sponsor: IntelliTrack

Accurate inventory is critical to an efficient warehouse operation and inaccuracies can consume a lot of time when fulfilling orders. Even if you know that your current inventory management system isn’t cutting it, you might be unsure about what to do next. This session will introduce you to a better way to manage your inventory and assets. 



Track I: WIP 2.0: From Spreadsheets to Big Data 
Speaker: Param Shah, Factory Four
Sponsor: Factory Four

As the manufacturing industry is trending towards mass customization and producing more complex products, managing production effectively is becoming a more significant challenge day by day. Still, the majority of manufacturers cannot tell you immediately where an order is on their floor if you asked them.

Legacy systems and spreadsheets are not flexible enough to handle the unique workflows of each individual manufacturer, making their work-in-process (WIP) a black box. By leveraging the power of cloud-native applications, software exists today that can take manufacturers with a basic level of traceability to advanced in 30 days. Learn how you can replace your spreadsheets and clipboards with big data and real-time action in days.

Track II: Streamlining Supply Chain Efficiency and Accuracy with RAIN RFID
Speaker: Gilbert Espinosa, IMPINJ
Sponsor: IMPINJ

RAIN RFID is a transformational technology with continued adoption in the supply chain.  RFID connects physical items to applications to reduce errors and drive costs out of the supply chain.  Learn how the IMPINJ platform further streamlines this technology to transform a supply chain and drive immediate benefits for your business.

4:30-5:00 PM

Closing Remarks

end of the day 5:00-7:00 PM

Happy Hour+Refreshment Break

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Our commitment is to provide you the ability to be more efficient, accurate, and connected. Don't miss your opportunity to attend Barcoding, Inc.'s 8th Annual Executive Forum.

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