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How Intelligent is Your Enterprise?

By Zebra Technologies

Zebra's second annual Intelligent Enterprise Index is a global survey that measures where companies are on the journey to becoming an “intelligent enterprise” – one that connects the physical and digital worlds to drive innovation through real-time guidance, data-powered environments and collaborative mobile workflows.

The Intelligent Enterprise Index

In 2018, companies scored between 25-50 points on the Index, using half of their "intelligence" (40%). 11% of companies scored above 75 points on the overall Index, considered "Intelligent Enterprises". 49% of companies in 2018 were on the path to becoming "intelligent," scoring between 50-74 points on the Index.

The Path to Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise: IoT Vision

There was a 4% increase in average annual spend on IoT from 2017 to $4.6 million. 86% expect that the number is to increase in the next 1-2 years. 49% expect their IoT investment to increase by 11-20%. 55% have an IoT vision and are currently executing their IoT plans. 38% currently have company-wide deployments. And 30% of remaining companies plan to deploy IoT company-wide in the future.


24% of companies expect resistance to adopt their IoT solution, yet do not have plan in place to address it. 20% expect resistance and have a plan to address it. 36% also do not expect resistance to their IoT plan.

Point-Of-Use Application

82% share information from their IoT solutions with employees more than once a day and more than 2/3 of these share it in real or near-real time. In 2018, 32% provide actionable information to all employees via email (66%) and raw data (65%).


95 monitor their IoT security and employ standards to ensure integrity and privacy. 58% of companies constantly monitor their IoT security while 37% routinely monitor their IoT security. And 69% have some sort of proactive approach to IT security and network management.

Technology Partner

43% of companies work with strategic partners as a team to implement their IoT plans. 40% of companies also use strategic partners to manage the entire IoT solution.

The online survey was fielded from Aug. 6 - Sept. 14, 2018 across a wide range of segments, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail and transportation and logistics. In total, 918 IT decision makers from nine countries were interviewed: the U.S., U.K./Great Britain, France, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, China, India, and Japan. Download the full report: The Intelligent Enterprise Index.




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