#SupplyChainGeek Webinar 

In today's fast-paced competitive environment where shipments and deliveries are no longer measured in days, but in hours, how do you go about selecting a mobile solution that gives you the edge? To solve this problem, it’s tempting to think, "give me the latest hardware with the fastest processor," but a good solution goes well beyond the numbers on a piece of paper. A good solution takes a holistic look at the needs of the process (workflow), the people (users, IT, customers), as well as the organization, and lets those needs inform the decisions about the right solution.

We will explore some of the questions that are asked about process and people, all the while driving towards a mobility solution that keeps you connected and provides accurate information in a manner that is efficient for all involvedfrom users using the solution daily, to IT solution managers (hardware and application), to customers who want real-time visibility.

Join us on April 4 to learn:

  • What to consider when introducing or upgrading your mobile solution
  • How your technology selection impacts your efficiency and accuracy in your workflow

Date: Wednesday, April 4, 2018
Time: 1:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hr
Host(s): #SupplyChainGeek Network, ZEBRA


Lynsert Walcolm

Lynsert Walcolm is a product manager with Zebra Technologies Mobile Computing division with 10 years of experience in product management.  Lynsert’s experience spans managing products in a variety of verticals including warehouse/distribution, retail and field mobility. He is currently responsible for the mid-range warehouse portfolio which includes the MC3000 series of products and the recently released MC3300. Previously, Lynsert worked as part of the Product Life Cycle (PLM) team with Symbol Technologies. He is a graduate of Stony Brook University with a master’s degree in  Business Administration.



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