Enhance patient satisfaction and care with better patient belongings tracking.

Our new, simple, user-friendly system adapts to your current workflow, tracking patient property from intake to discharge—freeing your staff to focus on more urgent clinical matters. 


Support nurses and frontline workers.

Your staff can do their jobs more easily with IntelliTrack Patient Belongings Tracking (PBT). Efficiently tracking belongings helps medical professionals feel less like data entry clerks and allows them to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities.


Improve the patient experience.

When your patients know their valuables are secure during the admission process, you build trust and reduce stress. IntelliTrack's PBT is a simple, effective way to show patients that you care about every part of their experience.

Optimize the processes you already have in place.

IntelliTrack PBT is scalable and adaptable for any environment. We integrate with your existing platforms and can run on iOS and Android.  That means we can work within the processes and devices you already own. With more than two decades of tracking experience, IntelliTrack is the platform you can trust to secure patient property.


Simple. Smart. Flexible.

It's as simple as installing an app on your existing mobile device. And like the best apps, it’s easy to operate.


Simplify Data Entry

Scanning the patient’s wristband followed by  property tags simplifies the data collection process. On return, patients have a confirmation that the items are actually theirs.


Capture Photos of Property and Bags

Your device’s camera capture multiple photos of property to ensure items were properly logged. Staff and patients will have peace of mind knowing the condition of the items is documented.


Ensure Chain of Custody

Automatically track property collection, storage, return and other movements, capturing user, date and time, and location data. Maintain a history of property movement through your facility.