Patient Belongings Tracking


What does IntelliTrack Patient Belongings Tracking include?
IntelliTrack is a cloud-based solution that supports the collection and management of personal property stored by a medical facility on behalf of a patient and includes:

  • Android and iOS applications for capturing patient, property, and location information
  • Web-based administrative portal
  • Optionally, we can provide pre-printed property and location tags and label dispensers

How is IntelliTrack Patient Belongings Tracking priced?
IntelliTrack pricing for this specific workflow is based on a per user basis with an annual platform cost. Your annual subscription includes up to 4 hours of initial setup and installation services, up to 4 hours of training, and remote application support with our helpdesk and through email.

What does my annual subscription include?
Your annual subscription includes the following:

  • Up to 4 hours of services to set up the system in your environment
  • Up to 4 hours of training
  • Telephone and email support during normal business hours

Do we need to use your property and location labels?
No, IntelliTrack has the flexibility to accommodate your existing barcodes and naming conventions as long as property and storage location IDs are unique. 


What mobile devices can I use?
You can use devices running iOS 13 or later and Android 8.1 or later that have a camera and network connectivity.


Do you sell mobile devices?
Yes, Barcoding can supply ruggedized Android devices designed for health care environments.


How do I set up IntelliTrack Patient Belongings Tracking?
Upon purchase of the Patient Belongings Tracking solution, Barcoding will coordinate with you on the installation of your environment and initial configuration.

Is training available?
Yes, Barcoding will provide administrative, train the trainer, and/or end-user training as desired up to a total of 4 hours. Additional training services can be procured if desired.


What support is available for Patient Belongings Tracking?
Remote support for the IntelliTrack Patient Belongings Tracking application is included as part of your annual subscription. Support requests can be made by email anytime or phone Monday-Friday 8:00 AM–5:00 PM EST. Contact details will be included in your “Getting Started” package.


Do you integrate with any healthcare software solutions?
IntelliTrack does not currently have integrations with health care information systems or EMR software solutions.


Can we track property dropped off or returned during a patient’s stay?
Yes, the property can be collected or returned at any time during a stay. A patient can have multiple property tags (or bags) associated with them.


Does IntelliTrack Patient Belongings Tracking require a central storage location?
No, IntelliTrack supports the tracking of property at multiple storage locations. For example, a patient may have valuables stored in a safe and other property deposited in a storage room.


How do I find out more about IntelliTrack Patient Belongings Tracking?
Email or call 888-412-7226.

“Patient Belongings Tracking is a rewarding product to work on because of the value it brings to providers and patients...PBT frees staff to focus on patient care and improve the patient experience.”

PMP, Project Manager for Patient Belongings Tracking

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