Why Automate the Tracking
of Patient Belongings?


Your Employees
Efficient & Precise Data Entry
Nurses and frontline workers scan a patient’s wristband, take photos of belongings, and add tags to record conditions.

Accurate Chain of Custody
Employees focus on their daily responsibilities without worrying about patient belongings.

Safe, Disinfectant Ready Devices
Workers limit contact when checking patients and their belongings out of the hospital.
Your Patients
Smooth & Quick Check-In's
Patients move quickly through the intake process without hassle. 

Photos of Property & Bags
Patients focus on their care and are confident their belongings will be returned in their original condition.

Safe Check-out
Patients receive their belongings, check-out, and are on their way.


IntelliTrack reduces stress for both nurses and patients and increases patient satisfaction. Be an advocate for your employees and the people they care for.


"It feels great knowing that our work at Barcoding will directly benefit and positively impact healthcare heroes and patients alike. I feel privileged to be on the team that makes patient belongings tracking easier and more effective."

VP of Marketing for Patient Belongings Tracking

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