#SupplyChainGeekDay Friday, June 26

Have you dedicated your career to learning and improving the supply chain? Are you fascinated with solving complex problems? Do you have a deep drive and curiosity to learn about new innovations and technologies, especially ones that influence efficiency and accuracy? Are you personally invested in advancing the supply chain and logistics industries? Do you love barcodes?

Then you are a #SupplyChainGeek! And June 26 is your day to celebrate.

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The Future of Enterprise Mobility | June 24th | 1PM EST

The Future of Enterprise Mobility: A Virtual Panel with Zebra, Ivanti Wavelink, SOTI, and Barcoding with SupplyChainBrain Magazine

#SupplyChainGeekDay Summit | June 26th | 10AM-5PM

Barcoding’s #SupplyChainGeekDay Summit: A Virtual Conference Showcasing the Innovation in our Community



Join Us.

If you’re proud of the work you do, join us as a #SupplyChainGeek Ambassador. Celebrate however you like, although we have a few ideas to help get you started:

Virtual Celebration

Spread the Love of Supply Chain at your Company

As a #SupplyChainGeek Ambassador, think about how you can spread the love of the supply chain in your company. Maybe host a virtual conversation to talk about innovation and trends or to catch up with colleagues.

Share your story with us over email (barry.code@barcoding.com) or by using the #SupplyChainGeek hashtag for a special thank you gift.


Share #SupplyChainGeek on your Next Video Call

We know you’re having video calls more than ever (so are we). Have a little fun with them by using some of our free wallpapers for Microsoft Teams or Zoom. You can also use them as your desktop or phone background images.  

Here are resources on how to change your backdrops in Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Support Essential Employees

Support Essential Employees

Supply chain professionals are essential today and every day. How can you get creative to say thank you or to show the love within your company or community? We would love to see your ideas, so please share pictures and posts using #SupplyChainGeekDay or email (barry.code@barcoding.com) them directly.

I am a #SupplyChainGeek because...

Start a Social Movement

As a #SupplyChainGeek Ambassador, one of the easiest ways to spread the love is to participate on social media. How can you spotlight a colleague’s great work? Maybe you have a case study to share? Or maybe you want to highlight an innovation that’s making a difference in your company?

Use the hashtag #SupplyChainGeekDay and help to show the world what being a #SupplyChainGeek is all about.

Support Our Community Partners

Support Our Community Partners

Make a Donation to ALAN 
When disaster strikes, few things are more important than good logistics. It is the key differentiator between the wanting to deliver support and making it happen in reality. ALAN is an industry-wide organization that exists to provide supply chain assistance to disaster relief organizations (and other non-profits).

Make a Donation to Food Banks Canada
Our food banks often suffer from shortages and other struggles and now with several interruptions in the supply chain, it is imperative to provide this help now. Food Banks Canada provides national leadership to relieve hunger today and prevent hunger tomorrow in collaboration with the food bank network in Canada.

Invest In Self

Invest in Self

Learn something new about the supply chain, technology, automation, or your teammates. We have resources here to get you started.

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Zebra Technologies

#SupplyChainGeek Story

Five years ago, at Promat, we unleashed #SupplyChainGeek to the world. It was our way of saying—we love what we do and we are glad to be part of this supply chain community. To our delight, people joined us in raising their hands as #SupplyChainGeeks and the moniker has stuck ever since.

At Barcoding, we celebrate efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity with the solutions we provide and the partnerships we keep. The #SupplyChainGeeks in our world vary greatly: they cover all types of industries, all types of roles, all types of tenure, and stretch from coast to coast in the US and Canada. That said, one thing ties us all together; our willingness to “geek out” to solve the challenges before us.

This year, on Friday, June 26 (the barcode’s birthday!) we will claim a day for #SupplyChainGeeks everywhere. To celebrate the human beings who make the supply chain run and the essential employees stepping up during even the most disrupted of times.

Who is a #SupplyChainGeek?

  • Geeks out when they find something that makes their supply chain better, faster, stronger
  • Someone who is always seeking the ever-elusive best supply chain
  • Someone who is ahead of the curve
  • Who embraces the industry
  • Embraces the latest tech to solve tomorrow’s supply chain problems today
  • Control of their inventory
  • Understand idiosyncrasies/intricacies of the supply chain
  • Personal interest in all the little elements that complete the chain
  • Always trying to keep up with improvements
  • Love RFID
  • Fascinated by the supply chain industry
  • Geeks out over how stuff moves
  • Curiosity
  • Love tech and improving business processes
  • Every problem needs a geek to solve it.