StayLive Services™️

For businesses who manage hundreds or thousands of mobile devices, the right support partner is mission-critical. We are a 24x7 partner for our customers—leveraging our expertise and our proprietary BOS™️ web platform to keep our customers “always on.”

StayLive Services 100% Uptime


Barcoding’s StayLive Services™ ensures that disruptions and downtime are minimized, and productivity and security maintained. We help when you need it most: in the event of a hardware failure, application issue, or asset identification/location requirement arises.

Barcoding is dedicated to customer service – We respond quickly and effectively to your requests, ranging from product functionality to your most mission-critical operational systems.

Our full suite of StayLive Services™

  • Asset Visibility Powered by BOS™
  • RMA and Repair Depot Support
  • 24x7 Help Desk and Call Center | Levels 1 & 2
  • Spare Pool & Inventory Management
  • Enterprise Mobility Management & MDM
  • Manufacture Device Contract Management
  • Training
  • Reporting and Analytics


StayLive Services™ Core Support Technology

Asset Visibility Powered by BOS™

BOS™ is a unique web-based platform developed exclusively for our clients to provide control during roll-outs and longterm asset visibility. This technology powers our GoLive Services™ and StayLive Services™.

BOS™ allows clients to sort and find equipment by item number, item type, serial number, location, and status as well as create and manage repair requests through its direct integration with manufacturer RMA portals.

BOS™ can track the complete history of every device from where and when it was installed to its current configuration parameters.


Included in BOS™

  • Customer training and set up of all users, locations, and asset population
  • Full access to add/remove assets and locations
  • Full access to repair generation tools and reports
  • Management of all manufacturer service contracts

Barcoding Online Services



BOS™ Feature Extensions

BOS Mobile™

BOS Mobile™ is a mobile appplication that captures employee and mobile computer utilization data in addition to providing a Find Me feature that enables you to locate misplaced devices.

Simple and Effective User Management
With a simple user sign-on screen, we efficiently capture information on each device and the user’s user throughout the shift. Knowing who has the device ensures that only authorized users gain access to your mobile applications. By capturing device data per individual employee (like the number of drops), BOS Mobile customers can start to identify additional training needs or make changes to problem environments.

Informed Decision-Making
For those in management, BOS Mobile data allows you to analyze mobile device and employee usage to make informed employee scheduling decisions and to right-size mobile computing assets to reduce unnecessary capital expenditures.

BOS Mobile™, a SaaS product is complimentary to MDM tools and is supported within BOS™.



“BOS™ has provided us with instant visibility to a customer's assets and has enabled us to improve our customer service and support levels. I can’t imagine what we did without it!”
– Donna Ford, Quality Assurance Associate, Barcoding