#SupplyChainGeek Webinar 

Webinar Synopsis: Soft skills can differentiate between success and failure. In this webinar, the presenters will share how supply chain professionals can blend key soft skills with their technical skills to improve organizational and career performance. Armed with their cutting-edge research and insights, participants will recognize how incorporating soft skills into your work can dramatically improve their effectiveness in the turbulent and highly competitive supply chain environment.

Date: Wednesday, June 06, 2018
Time: 12:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hr
Host(s): #SupplyChainGeek Network, APICS Baltimore


Dr. Tobin Porterfield

torbin_porterfield.pngDr. Tobin Porterfield, co-founder of Serious Soft Skills, LLC, is an active business educator and researcher. While he has an extensive professional career in supply chain management, in 2007 he earned his Ph.D. in Logistics & Supply Chain Management from the R.H. Smith School at the University of Maryland. He has taught and presented his work globally. His practical professional experience, along with his research and training expertise empower Serious Soft Skills, LLC, the company he co-founded, to help people understand the profound impact of soft skills and professional skills in the workplace.

Bob Graham

Bob_Graham.pngBob Graham, a co-founder of Serious Soft Skills, LLC, is a lecturer on business communications and marketing at the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering’s Center for Leadership Education. Drawing on experience as a journalist, public relations manager, technical editor, high school English teacher and marketer, Graham formed a small-business marketing company, Bigger Pie Strategies in 2010. He has written extensively in more than 25 newspapers and magazines, including the Baltimore Sun, The Daily Record and American Archaeology, and co-authored the first travel book about Baltimore, The Insider’s Guide to Baltimore. His work with Serious Soft Skills, LLC harnesses the differentiators in all of these experiences and enables him to provide his students and clients with information and research to enhance their career development.


APICS 060918 - Soft Skills to Transform the Supply Chain Professional