Android Migration by the Numbers.

With Windows Mobile end of support set for January 2020, Barcoding launched a research project to survey customers and industry leaders about their knowledge of the change, their perspective on the process of migrating, and the challenges and opportunities in the adoption of new technology.

As we’ve learned alongside some of the largest companies in the country, migrating is a large and complex project that requires many layers of collaboration across an entire organization: from choosing the right devices, to migrating applications onto a new operating system, to training users and creating a feedback loop, to identifying fail points in the process. 
This snapshot report gives you a first look at some of our findings. Download and discover:
  • Sentiment and mindset around the migration to Android
  • What companies are saying are their biggest pain points of change and biggest opportunities with Android
  • How companies are planning to train their users
  • Tactical advice from companies who have already made the move to Android



Sneak Peak of the Research