BOS Mobile™

Tired of losing mobile devices in your stores and facilities because you don’t know who checked them out?

While mobile device management tools help manage the device applications and security needs, these tools do not provide real-world analytics on when a device is being used or who is specifically using it.

This lack of visibility leads to security issues, under or over asset purchases, asset loss, and lost employee productivity.


BOS Mobile is a mobile app that is designed to capture user & device usage information.


Simple and Effective User

With a simple user sign-on screen, BOS Mobile efficiently captures information on each device and user throughout the shift. Knowing who has the device ensures that only authorized users gain access to your mobile applications. Capturing device abuse data by user (like the number of drops), allows customers to identify which users need additional training, or even make changes to problem environments.

Informed Decision-Making

For those in management, BOS Mobile data allows you to analyze mobile device and employee usage to make informed employee scheduling decisions and to right-size mobile computing assets, reducing unnecessary capital expenditures. It also includes a Find Me feature that enables you to locate misplaced devices.

BOS Mobile, a SaaS product, is complementary to your current MDM tools and is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure cloud environment.

Features & Benefits


Feature: Provides simple user sign-in authentication that can be interfaced with back-end authentication services such as active directory, or uses the native BOS™ authentication database.

Benefit: Ensures that only authorized users will have access to your mobile applications improving your overall network security.


Feature: Logs user usage statistics.

Benefit: Know when individual users are accessing your mobile devices so that you can better understand work activities (start/end/duration) to improve employee scheduling and productivity.



Feature: Logs device usage statistics.

Benefit: Know when and how mobile computers are being used (start/end/duration) to ensure that you have the appropriate asset availability to support your operation. Can also be used to “right-size” your mobile asset population.


Feature: Logs device drop statistics.

Benefit: Know which devices are being mishandled and by whom. Provides chain of custody to identify problem users or environments. Over time, reduce device failures (employee downtime) through remediation of root cause improvements.



Feature: Provides user “issues” log during device check-in.

Benefit: Allows users to report device issues for consolidated management
review. Use to improve operational processes, identify application enhancements, capture user concerns, etc.


Feature: Provides device “Find Me” function to locate misplaced devices within the environment.

Benefit: Quickly locate misplaced devices to reduce down-time and improve lost employee productivity.

“BOS™ has provided us with instant visibility to a customer's assets and has enabled us to improve our customer service and support levels. I can’t imagine what we did without it!”
– Donna Ford, Quality Assurance Associate, Barcoding