OnePay™ is a financing program that provides clients with flexible payment options for their technology solutions and services. As a result, Barcoding customers can easily purchase the technology needed to drive process improvements and improve operational efficiencies.

Continuous Improvement Matters More Than Ever 

But so does improving your processes affordably.

Driving ever-greater efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity are essential to maintaining your competitive edge. Barcoding’s OnePay™financial services program can help you achieve your continuous improvement goals with flexible, affordable financing options customized to the unique needs of your growing business.

100% Financing100% Financing
Unlike some financing, which often requires a down payment & excludes soft costs, we can finance your entire solution, including data capture equipment, software, services, and more.

Cash Flow FlexibilityCash Flow Flexibility
Tailoring payment terms and structures to match unique needs, such as seasonality, expansion plans, or revenue cycles, lets you get more out of your budget.

Payment TermsPayment Terms
Terms can range from 12 to 72 months with flexible end-of-term options. Extend the term to six years to lower your monthly payment.

Inflation FriendlyInflation Friendly
As costs go up over the term of your contract, you pay the same rate as when you began. That stretches your dollars and gives you more access to the cash in your business.


Maximize CapitalMaximize Captial
Your monthly payments do not affect your established line of credit and cash reserves or require a compensating deposit balance. You have more capital for your business.

Accounting BenefitsAccounting Benefits
Balance sheet considerations, such as operational versus capital expenditures, are important decisions when investing in your business. We help you design a financing solution that best fits your accounting & tax requirements.

End-of-Term OptionsEnd-of-Term Options
You can own your solution with a $1.00 purchase option. Or with a true lease, you have the option to own or return the equipment at the end of the term, with an affordable payment during the term. 

Add-on OptionsAdd-on Options
With any of our options, you can add to your Barcoding solution at any time with a simple increase to your monthly payment.


Podcast Sessions 

In our fourth podcast session, we discuss Android deployment strategies for enterprise organizations and what financial considerations need to be made in preparation for end-of-life and the replacement cycle.



In our fifth podcast session, we explore how you can maintain your mobile ROI following your original Android deployment, ensuring that the time and effort spent building and delivering your new systems can be sustained for years to come.



“Financing doesn’t have to be just for hardware. With the right company, you can put everything that’s part of the solution on the lease agreement, including software, solution design, training, maintenance, services, repair contracts, and so on. You won’t pay upfront for any of it, keeping more of your cash available to grow your business. That’s the approach we use with our OnePay™ financing.”
– Brooks Schuler, CFO, Barcoding