Digitizing Small and Growing Warehouses with Android Mobile Technology

Did you know that 80% of IT and Operations professionals are planning to invest in new technologies to be competitive? Are you one of them?


Partner with the Best

As your warehouse fights to keep up with new demand, you may also be dealing with pressures from the COVID-19 pandemic, labor issues, IT/technology utilization, capacity issues, and supply chain visibility challenges. Industry leaders must partner wisely to be able to balance day-to-day operations with modernization plans to ensure their future competitiveness and to avoid disruption.

And, that’s exactly where Barcoding and Zebra Technologies come in. Together, we are the partnership you need to succeed with Android in the warehouse.




Yes, the Investment in Android in the Warehouse is Worth It

Our research has shown that 77% of IT and Operations leaders agree they need to modernize their warehouse operations but admit they have been slow to implement new devices and technology.

At Barcoding, we believe this represents is a major opportunity and competitive advantage for those who aren’t afraid to change. And Barcoding is here to help make the process as simple and smooth as possible.

Zebra’s research shows that with Android implementation, leaders expect to:

  • Improve worker efficiency
  • Increase their ability to adapt to new workflow complexities
  • Stabilize performance and workforce variability
  • Build for the future with a myriad of technologies and applications to layer on as you grow

The Best Way to Migrate to Android in the Warehouse?
Start with One New Device.

Like most projects in life, the only way to get started is to take that first step. Barcoding and Zebra can help you map out a crawl, walk, run phased approach to migration and modernization. The good news is that you don’t have to do it all at once or on your own.

Some of our research has shown that the best way to get users excited and to begin to imagine the possibilities of a new Android-based mobile device as compared to a Windows CE one is simply to get one new device and start to play around on it. We can even use Ivanti Rapid Migration to show users exactly how a green screen can be adapted to a touchscreen. In almost all cases, once the new technology hits your users’ hands, you’ll receive the feedback you need to get started with a full migration.


Barcoding Warehouse

Focus on Efficiency and Accuracy in Your Warehouse with Mobility

By working with Barcoding and Zebra, you’ll have one source for a full solution across your warehouse functions.

Barcoding combines Zebra’s industry-leading technology with our strategic deployment and support services for a complete solution.

Now let’s look at the technology components.


Financing: as-a-service monthly payments for a full solution that’s affordable and efficient for future upgrades. Check out Barcoding’s OnePay™.

Deployment: services that support an “out-of-the-box” experience for your users including pre-planning, staging, kitting, configuration, and shipping.

Support: services that support 100% uptime in your warehouse including help desk, RMA and repair processes, service contracts, patching and security, MDM, etc.




zt610-angled-left-withmedia-ds3600-2Efficiency and accuracy start at receiving. Shortages, discrepancies, and damages can impact your reputation—and your ability to stay competitive. Barcoding and Zebra’s digital receiving solutions capture data in real-time, sync up with your WMS, and reconcile order details upon receipt.

Zebra Technology:
DS3600-Series Scanner
ZT411 Printer with Supplies



WT6300Picking and storing processes start to get unwieldy as your number of SKUs grows. Keep your business moving with hands-free, voice-directed picking solutions from Barcoding and Zebra. Android-based mobile solutions combined with voice empower users and help them easily locate pallets and cases and complete tasks.

Zebra Technology:
WT6300 Wearable Computer, TC52/52X, TC21
ZQ630 Printer



ds3600-dp-cradle-and-non-300To cope with increasing demand, you need to do more with less. Make the most of the resources you already have with automated shipping solutions from Barcoding and Zebra. From mobile scanners and readers to 3D sensors and cameras, our solutions make it easier than ever to pack trailers as efficiently, accurately, and completely as possible.

Zebra Technology:
DS3600-Series Scanner
ZT411 Printer with Supplies

Inventory Management

TC21To cope with increasing demand, you need to do more with less. Make the most of the resources you already have with automated shipping solutions from Barcoding and Zebra. From mobile scanners and readers to 3D sensors and cameras, our solutions make it easier than ever to pack trailers as efficiently, accurately, and completely as possible.

Zebra Technology:
ET51/56 Tablet



Key Benefits to Barcoding and Zebra’s Android-based Mobile Technology

SMB_IconsAsset 51

As reported by Barcoding customers, Zebra devices, especially those with Android capabilities, are more “nimble” than ever before. Technological improvements have dramatically shifted the landscape, making it so that consumers want your product now. Implementing these systems gives you the agility to satisfy your customers’ expectations.

SMB_IconsAsset 47

Customer Delight 
Zebra’s innovative technologies will allow you to rest easy that you have real-time inventory management to ensure that you fulfill every customer’s order accurately. With Barcoding and Zebra, you’ll know that you did everything possible to delight your customer as they first interact with your business, making them more likely to purchase from you again.

SMB_IconsAsset 50

Given the ever-increasing user-friendliness of Zebra devices’ interfaces, you can bring new members of your team up to speed in no time. These devices empower your team members to stay connected as they navigate the warehouse floor. With this host of tools comes a sense of fulfillment that serves to increase their personal investment in your success.


SMB_IconsAsset 46
With Barcoding’s expertise and Zebra’s products, you’ll have solutions that maximize your speed and growth. You’ll be able to manage each stage of your supply chain, from when you’re fulfilling an order to when you’re sending a request to another individual. These capabilities, combined with these devices’ user-friendly interface will lead to a more efficient and stress-free warehouse.
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80% of warehouse management leaders believe modern technologies are the key to competition. Here at Barcoding, we’re here to support you through your transition to Android-based Zebra products.


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Lasting Value 
By investing in yourself today, you’re building a solid foundation, which will improve your decision-making process. Meanwhile, customers’ ordering experiences will also continue to improve, allowing you to deftly adjust to your buyers’ needs. Working with Barcoding and Zebra will give you the flexibility necessary for long-term success.


“We’re doing things with […devices] that have never been done before. Barcoding was able to provide personalized support while coordinating with [the OEM] to help bring our vision to life and solve the issues we were seeing across our stores.”
– Chris Zimmerman, IT Manager, Fleet Farm